Virtual privacy penitentiary

Prison's goal is to separate criminals from society to protect people from them.

What if we could "protect without separate"?
What if instead of putting criminals behind bars we make them wear a "witness bracelet"? A hand worn electronic device that will record the wearers every move by GPS, every word they say via microphone and most things that they do with a video camera.

The convicted criminals will not be able to do any more crimes without being caught and the cost for the authorities will be much lower than a regular prison.

Monitoring doesn't have to be in real time, it can be retrospective, algorithmic or even saved as evidence only. The fact that everything that you do is recorded is intimidating enough as it is.

The key is that the punishment is loss of privacy instead of loss of freedom. This method doesn't have to be a substitute to incarceration, it can be an alternative, cheaper one, for less severe crimes.

Too much big brother?
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