The ultimate iPhone pizza app

I would like to have a smartphone app for ordering pizza which will be so easy and fast that all you would do is launch it and wait for a phone call from the pizza shop.

This is how it would go down:
1. You find the link to the app on the home screen.
2. You launch it.
3. The app identifies your location.
4. The app gets your phone number.
5. The app sends them both to the nearest pizza shop.
6. The nearest pizza shop calls you and gives you their offer.
7. You say ok and wait for your pizza.

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Automatically offer to sell the things you buy the moment you buy them - a better use case for blippy

Blippy is a service which you can use to advertise what you buy. Every time you buy something, Blippy blips it (by monitoring your credit card) and sends it into your twitter stream.

The guys at Blippy should make a search engine for all the products bought by their users.

For example, a prospective buyer would go into the search engine and search for "Harry Potter". The results would show:

  • "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" book
    (56 people own this - make an offer)
  • "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" DVD
    (43 people own this - make an offer)

Once you click "make an offer" blippy will show you a text box to enter a price.

Then, an email will be sent to all users who have bought the book in the past:

Hi Danielle,
John would like to buy your "Harry Potter" book for 5$.
Click here to sell it to him.

Algorithms can decide when is the owner of an object more likely to sell a product based on past sales. e.g. send the email only to people who own a book for more than 2 months.

Self cleaning, treadmill-like carpet

Imagine a carpet attached to a treadmill-like contraption, every time you would want to clean it, you can just press a button and the lower part of the carpet would reveal itself.

In the meantime, the dirty lower part will be automatically cleaned beneath with soap and mechanical brushes.

Or... you can just buy a Roomba

Predictive navigation prefetching

It doesn't matter how fast internet connections and server technologies get, there will always be bottlenecks. Either too many people are hitting a website or too many people in your neighborhood are downloading torrents.

A browser plugin that prefetches links or "next websites" on a page based on popularity can highly improve the browsing experience.

There are prefetching clients like fasterfox but they arbitrarily prefetch all links on a given page.

If such a plugin could monitor browsing habits and store them on a "suggestion" server. A service could do statistic calculations about what is the most likely link to be clicked or what website will the user go to next. This can improve the benefit of prefetching. In two words: Intent Crowdsourcing.

Such a plugin can make money for its creator in two ways:
1. selling statistics to websites and web marketers about which pages on the web lead to which pages, essentially a walkthrough or a path guide for the web.
2. Create a suggestion mechanism that will tell users "most users browsed to this page after reading this article", and selling ads in-between the suggestions.

undermining google
Potentially, this feature can undermine google. A big percentage of Internet searches are performed after some thought was sparked from a previous page. For example, you happen to read about the winter olympics and suddenly you think "let's go on a skiing vacation", you go to google and do a search for "vacation reservation".
This plugin with it's suggestion feature can make the searching part irrelevant. If enough people did that search, you could see the suggestion: "Today, 75 people who read this article searched for 'skiing vacation' on google and clicked on the Third result:".

Time control

Past is documentation
Present is propaganda
Future is statistics

inspired by 1984

Virtual privacy penitentiary

Prison's goal is to separate criminals from society to protect people from them.

What if we could "protect without separate"?
What if instead of putting criminals behind bars we make them wear a "witness bracelet"? A hand worn electronic device that will record the wearers every move by GPS, every word they say via microphone and most things that they do with a video camera.

The convicted criminals will not be able to do any more crimes without being caught and the cost for the authorities will be much lower than a regular prison.

Monitoring doesn't have to be in real time, it can be retrospective, algorithmic or even saved as evidence only. The fact that everything that you do is recorded is intimidating enough as it is.

The key is that the punishment is loss of privacy instead of loss of freedom. This method doesn't have to be a substitute to incarceration, it can be an alternative, cheaper one, for less severe crimes.

Too much big brother?

Lighthose retina projector

In the future we might not want to carry personal communication and prosumer devices.

Instead, a big lighthouse, very high in the middle of the metropolitan area will be able to read our lips from far away and project images, let's say a web page, on to our retinas.

Input will be done by lip-reading and output by far away projection of images straight into our eyes.

Dating apps ideas

Matchmaker- a facebook app that allows people to be match makers and match their friends, legend says that if you match 3 couples you will go to heaven, posting it on your wall "Dana just matched 2 of her friends together, join matchmaker app to become a match maker yourself" is a very good incentive also.

Virtuapupp- an app that tells you to walk the digital pet dog from time to time like a tamaguchi, to actually walk it outdoors. it matches people by walking "dog" owners one to another using GPS and mating them, then the pupps mate and multiply. owners meet each other to get ahead in the game and get introduced to new romantic prospects.

Thats what allot of dog owners get a dog for anyway...

Using a shutter switch, iPhone can make video calls popular

Before the iPhone came to light, very few people surfed the web using their mobile phones even though basic mobile browsers were existent. Today, the numbers are staggering. It's all about the UI and speed of the iPhone's browser, which many platforms are now just catching up too (android and blackberry).

Can the 4th iPhone do the same for video calls?

Video calling hasn't picked up speed even though it's around for more than 5 years, Nokia always was against this technology because their tests showed that no one is really using it.

If Apple will incorporate a front-facing camera, which rumors say they will, what would be their magic ingredient?

A camera shutter switch.
Moving from voice calling to video calling should be easy as flicking a switch. once a call is in progress, and both sides have a video-call capable iPhone, the shutter on the front-facing camera would light up. to "add video" all you will need to do is move the shutter switch and immediately the other side will see your face, then they will here a beep and will be encouraged to do the same when the light on their shutter would light up.

Plus a faster 4G network couldn't hurt...

A faster way for Google to encourage modeling of town buildings - Allow every user who models a building to advertise on its walls

Google is trying to find the best way to index model to worlds buildings and architectural structures, it's all a part of their grand scheme to dominate index the world's information.

The best solution they have thought of until now is to have a competition, not very ingenuous, isn't it?

What google should do is allow every user who models a building to advertise on its walls within google goggles. Building walls, basically, are just a type of advertising real-estate like websites and tv-commercial time. this way, would be advertisers and "land-grabbers" will get into a modeling frenzy, exactly like what happens when any new real-estate like market opens up (see domain names).

They could make a crowdsourcing voting app to filter out building spammers and provide the advertisers only a percentage of the income from ads, exactly like they do with adsense.

QR code game idea for snack food makers

Doritos, and most other snack food makers deliver these small cardboard or plastic chips illustrated with nice colors and symbols, kids collect these and play all sorts of games with them (pokemon?).

They should take these to the next level. Have them marked by special QR codes that symbolyze diiferent qualities desired by would be super-heroes. these super heroes will be characters representing the kids themselves using a facebook app.

Every time a kid finds a new QR code inside a doritos bag, he will rush to take a picture of it with his frito-lay iPhone app and find out what new ability his super-hero character can have. The kids will also have fight matches between the characters of their friends in their facebook apps, showing the results on their walls.

facebook should cancel that age 13 restriction first...