why Android's search bar is dumb

Pardon the rant but...
Google's idea of a search bar is pretty darn useless.
A search bar is supposed to be ready for text input the second you touch it.

But no! it is too complicated for all-mighty G to create such a simple thing.
Instead, when you touch that widget up there, it just opens the search app!
Why waste so much space for what is essentially just a fucking icon!?!?!?

I've been waiting on Google for 3 years to fix this, but now I'm putting my foot down!

Google - you don't want to fix this?
I'll fix it myself!

Hello mrQuery
mrQuery is a home button replacement that takes the solution to this problem to the next level.
When you set mrQuery as your launcher it makes your android act like it's on cocaine.

  • Tap the home button, and get the keyboard open right away, start keying a name of an app and it launches immediately.
  • Access your favorite contacts and various system settings from the same box.
  • Every app you launch is added to a small "history" view above the search-bar for even faster access.

Check it out on the play store.
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