A laptop with a wired and detachable touch screen

A laptop with a wired and detachable touch screen.

How often do you see a person using an unplugged laptop?
A rare sight indeed.

I know some people who've never actually used their laptop batteries, they removed them the minute they bought the device to keep their batteries healthy once they actually need them.

Most of the time, we are using our computers when we are sitting.
So why not create a powerful laptop with a detachable touch screen?

When you need to do a keyboard-intensive task, use it as a conventional laptop. When you want to lay back and do some casual browsing, angry birding or reading, detach the screen and do some finger computing. All while having access to the fully featured and powerful CPU, memory and operating system.

The screen is just that, a screen, hence it can be extremely light and comfortable to hold, the wire won't really get in your way.

You can think about it like an iPad with an i7 intel CPU, 16gb of RAM and a 256gb SSD, minus the weight of the ipad batteries, and all the internals.

I guess a 1.3 kg computer can be transformed into a killer 12 inch wired touch screen computer that weighs just 300 grams, less than half the iPad, and as little as two iPhones.

The weight is more noticeable in your hands and on your lap, rather than on your back or in your briefcase. So just unload the weight away from you, put it on the floor, or on your desk, exactly like you do with the cord and the power brick of most portable computers out there.

Wait a sec! You can hide all the internals in a large power brick and that way, it will look like magic, desktop horse power channeled through a wire from the floor, to a light touch screen in your hands.

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