How to work with programmers from India

After working with a few programmers from India, and failing (googdesk). I recently developed an iPhone app with Felix Grimberg and I finally think we came up with the perfect formula. BTW, our app is the must have postponed texting application - txtot. So go get it!

Getting quotes

  • The easy part is getting quotes, just get on any of the freelancer sites (freelancer, guru, elance) and post your project. Don't skimp on promoting your project for a few dollars, you're gonna spend 10 times more on the project itself.
  • Be as specific as possible and don't be afraid of revealing your idea. It is worthless.

Choosing a programmer

  • You're going to get some replies, some of them will be pre-made templates that dish out the entire resume of the freelancer, Rank these lower.
  • Choose freelancers that have more specific skills.
  • Companies are preferable, if one of the programmers is not up to the task, they can move the item to a different one.

Payment terms

This is critical, it determines if they catch you by the balls or not.
Never pay everything in advance.
Try to pay like this:
  • 10% in advance
  • 30% after the mockup or the design document
  • 60% when the project is completely done
At the worst case, pay no more than 70% before the entire project is done.

Managing tasks and bugs

This is the longest and hardest phase.
You can try to setup a google docs spreadsheet and share it with your freelancer or the offshore project manager, but this doesn't always work well, especially if you fill it with many bugs, all at the same time. And you will have many bugs, trust me.
Just pick the 3 most important bugs and send it to them via email, explaining the problem as simply and shortly as possible from a user perspective.

Finishing up

Just pay what's left. After everything's closed, the app approved on the appstore or the website up in the air.

I know this post might sound politically incorrect, but I'm just talking about my own experience and I'm trying to help both buyers and suppliers of software services from India.

A smartphone app for conversing in noisy places

Let's say you meet a person at a bar. Talking with them will be really hard right?

Local p2p noise canceling

Not necessarily.
A smartphone app can be developed that will make things much easier.

Andy and Berry meet at a noisy place.
They both launch the "noisekiller" app and bump their phones.
The phones recognize each other via WiFi.
When Andy talks on his smartphone's microphone, it records what he is saying and sends it over to Berry's phone.
Berry's phone subtracts what it hears around it from the recording that was sent to it.
Now Berry can hear what Andy is saying very well.

The originality content network

I've just read that Eric Schmidt says that "Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003". With that in mind, and the comments that followed, I thought:
How much of that information is novel or new?
I bet very little.

The content system that only records novel information

Imagine you have a web application with an input box and a "submit" button.
You enter information into the input box and click "submit".
Then the application runs a Google search for what you entered and posts it only if it finds exactly zero results.

Your network gets:
Lots of original information.
Highest ranked Google results for every page in your content network.
Great advertisement property.

Maybe this should be done only for the title of the post. It needs some testing.