Automatically offer to sell the things you buy the moment you buy them - a better use case for blippy

Blippy is a service which you can use to advertise what you buy. Every time you buy something, Blippy blips it (by monitoring your credit card) and sends it into your twitter stream.

The guys at Blippy should make a search engine for all the products bought by their users.

For example, a prospective buyer would go into the search engine and search for "Harry Potter". The results would show:

  • "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" book
    (56 people own this - make an offer)
  • "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" DVD
    (43 people own this - make an offer)

Once you click "make an offer" blippy will show you a text box to enter a price.

Then, an email will be sent to all users who have bought the book in the past:

Hi Danielle,
John would like to buy your "Harry Potter" book for 5$.
Click here to sell it to him.

Algorithms can decide when is the owner of an object more likely to sell a product based on past sales. e.g. send the email only to people who own a book for more than 2 months.
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