The possibility of an uncontrollable internet

The internet as we know it today is at great risk.

One day, the internet might be censored, controlled and heavy regulated and monetized.
This will ruin its sense of democratization.

We need to start thinking of a new kind of internet, an internet that is uncontrollable, an internet that is distributed and at the hands of the users.

My idea is to integrate some existing technologies like p2p, bittorrent and web browsers and to create some new ones to accomplish the goal of the distributed and uncontrolled internet.

We might even be able to create an internet that can move information from device to device using wifi and bluetooth and be network independent, an internet that will be compiled solely of end users and devices. When I will want to access some content, I will ask for it using my device, the request can roam from my device the others' without even using the cell network or any kind of carrier. It will just jump from one device to the next until it finds what I looked for.

Imagine that all content on the web will be accessible via a p2p network, exactly the way we can download music files today, we can also download html files and any other kind of content.

The internet can become a p2p network, and then it will really be free, and open.

Research areas

Censorship and control today
What are censorships today.

Web browsers
Many web rendering engines are available, including geko and webkit, they will have to be the face of the uncontrollable internet, but get their content through some of the new tools like p2p networks.

P2P networks
These networks have the potential of making internet content distributed between personal clients like smartphones and PCs. Visualization:

Wireless client to client Mesh networks
To make the new internet operation and regulation free there is a need to allow user devices like smartphones to interact with each other without any need of serevers that can be controlled by businesses and goverments.

Open source licenses
Which licenses are avilable to make this idea ligeal?

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