proposed business software provider strategy

Our strategy should be one line, like : "maintain world's business data" or "map the world's business processes".

and then break it down to a few sub goals, like:
  1. provide easy way to map a business processes for any organization with minimum cost
  2. provide access to thousands of business processes
  3. allow businesses to share their business processes
  4. use only non-proprietary software to diminish dependency
  5. don't plan to far ahead

Then break it down to practical steps like:
  1. Create an easy platform for managing business processes
  2. Create businesses processes together with partners
  3. Create integrations to the cloud for the most common software solutions (especially ours)
  4. Create mobile versions of all of our software
  5. Use web standards like html5
  6. Provide API's to all of our customer's information
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