location based thinking prevents innovation

I just got an email:
Subject: Development environment
Hi Oded,
I want to create a page on Wiki about “How to improve environment performance” – do you have any recommendation where to create it?
You see... location based thinking prevented this person from creating a knowledge item, he wouldn't create the page before he knew where to put it.

In "analog" life we don't operate that way, first we take a page, jot down some things, and only then we have to decide where to put it, if at all... it can also just be put on a pile on the desk.

So, this was my answer:
The thing about the wiki is that the location doesn’t matter, just create the page on the main page and we will link to it later when we find a logical place…
This person's wiki has an incredible "bug/feature" in it, which denotes that every page should have a "parent" page.

How many knowledge items got scrapped because their proponents didn't know "where" to put them?

The real solution is to have a wiki that doesn't have that incredible bug. But if you must use such software, just create a "new pages pool" which is to contain any page which doesn't have a destination (which is what i did).
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