lightest laptops table: grams per inch

a table of the lightest laptops available, calculated by grams per screen size (in inches).

  1. can run windows 7
  2. has wifi
  3. manufactured by a known, trusted company
  4. available
  5. screen resolution of at list 1024X768 pixels

laptopweight (grams)
screen size (inch)
apple macbook air 1360 13.3 102.26
sony vaio p 600 8 75
lenovo x301 1330 13.3 100
lenovo x200s 1100 12.1 90.91
sony vaio x 680 11.1 61.26

sony vaio x has the best grams/inch ratio.

note: here in Israel, we use inches only for screen sizes of electronics. and because i like using grams, conversions are not absolutely accurate. but as you can see from the differences, they are enough.
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