lightest laptops table: grams per inch

a table of the lightest laptops available, calculated by grams per screen size (in inches).

  1. can run windows 7
  2. has wifi
  3. manufactured by a known, trusted company
  4. available
  5. screen resolution of at list 1024X768 pixels

laptopweight (grams)
screen size (inch)
apple macbook air 1360 13.3 102.26
sony vaio p 600 8 75
lenovo x301 1330 13.3 100
lenovo x200s 1100 12.1 90.91
sony vaio x 680 11.1 61.26

sony vaio x has the best grams/inch ratio.

note: here in Israel, we use inches only for screen sizes of electronics. and because i like using grams, conversions are not absolutely accurate. but as you can see from the differences, they are enough.

Enablers, designers and manufacturers

Some companies are enablers, some design and some just manufacture. which one would you like to be?

Enabler: IBM
Designer: Apple
Manufacturer: Asus

location based thinking prevents innovation

I just got an email:
Subject: Development environment
Hi Oded,
I want to create a page on Wiki about “How to improve environment performance” – do you have any recommendation where to create it?
You see... location based thinking prevented this person from creating a knowledge item, he wouldn't create the page before he knew where to put it.

In "analog" life we don't operate that way, first we take a page, jot down some things, and only then we have to decide where to put it, if at all... it can also just be put on a pile on the desk.

So, this was my answer:
The thing about the wiki is that the location doesn’t matter, just create the page on the main page and we will link to it later when we find a logical place…
This person's wiki has an incredible "bug/feature" in it, which denotes that every page should have a "parent" page.

How many knowledge items got scrapped because their proponents didn't know "where" to put them?

The real solution is to have a wiki that doesn't have that incredible bug. But if you must use such software, just create a "new pages pool" which is to contain any page which doesn't have a destination (which is what i did).