It's the weight, STUPID!

I'm very pleased that Apple has brought plenty competition with its iPhone 3G.
But I'm still amazed that all the iPhone wannabe's (HTC G1, BB storm, Nokia N97) haven't got the most basic thing right - the weight!
One of the iPhone's greatest achievements is packing all that tech into such a light-weight form factor.
The one who wants to beat the iPhone, has to pack better specs including a lighter weight.

HTC Android G1 - 5.6 ounces = 158.757329 grams
Black Berry storm - 5.46 ounces = 154.788396 grams
Nokia N97 - 5.2 ounces = 147.41752 grams
iPhone 3G - 4.7 ounces = 133.242759 grams
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