App store ban list

I'm trying to make up a list of all banned apps from the Apple app store for iPhone and iPod touch.
For 4 reasons:
  1. Help developers predict as early as possible if their app will be banned, since Apple will only consider your app at the final stage and won't give any detailed specifications.
  2. Educate consumers about which functions not to expect from their iPhone any time soon.
  3. Educate competing platforms developers about their advantage over the iPhone.
  4. Make Apple understand that they are doing the same mistake they did with the Mac about 20 years ago (yeah right).

Please help building the list by adding comments. (appname - [link|reason] - (date))
  1. Podcaster - duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes - 2008-Sep-09
  2. NetShare - unknown reason - 2008-Aug-01
  3. Murderdrome - contravening Apple's content guidelines - 2008-Aug-26
  4. MailWrangler - duplicates the functionality of the built-in iPhone application Mail - 2008-Sep-21
  5. Slasher - content could be considered “objectionable” - 2008-Aug-08

  6. more in your comments...