cellphone - speaker = cellphone + lanyard earphones

Can you imagine a cellular phone without a speaker?

Instead, it will have lanyard earphones which stick from the top and can be used for:
1. standard talking
2. no hands talking (just increase the volume)
3. listening to music (just pull the lanyard out and separate the earphones)

a quick mockup->

Refrigerator camera

I know that one day, all of our groceries will have some kind of RFID and our refrigerator will order our food for us when it runs out.

But until then...

What about putting cameras inside our refrigerators and allowing some retailers to watch it and order the food for us?
The cameras and networking can be given for free in the exchange for the right to push some taste-related advertising.
I see you like instant macaroni, would you like some cheese with that?

Kinda big brother, but controllable...

Bill Gates is still thinking "files"

Bill Gates is still thinking "files" which is dead off target (imho). The world is going towards moving all data to databases (like wikis, blogs, google docs), files are becoming a thing of the past.

Check out this video at about minute 19:20 :

Access for the cloud

The next killer-app for the cloud will be a Microsoft Access-like application the will run fully on the cloud.

It's the weight, STUPID!

I'm very pleased that Apple has brought plenty competition with its iPhone 3G.
But I'm still amazed that all the iPhone wannabe's (HTC G1, BB storm, Nokia N97) haven't got the most basic thing right - the weight!
One of the iPhone's greatest achievements is packing all that tech into such a light-weight form factor.
The one who wants to beat the iPhone, has to pack better specs including a lighter weight.

HTC Android G1 - 5.6 ounces = 158.757329 grams
Black Berry storm - 5.46 ounces = 154.788396 grams
Nokia N97 - 5.2 ounces = 147.41752 grams
iPhone 3G - 4.7 ounces = 133.242759 grams

Too many sharing services

Lets say you just finished reading an interesting blog post. Now you want to tell the world about it.
Usually, you will have about 5-10 "bla-bla this".
Here's an example...

"Digg This! * Sphinn It! * Save to del.icio.us * Submit to Propeller * Google Bookmark This * Stumble It!"

Well, That's a nuisance, and what I think we should have is a protocol for post sharing and I'm not talking about the likes of addthis.com.

I'm talking about a solution that will be quick and non disruptive of my blog reading. Something like the "share" button on google reader. Maybe a link that will require you to choose your sharing platform only once and from then on, it'll be just a fast one click process.

(I know about bookmarlets, but they are so "local machine" oriented, I use many PC's and devices for reading blogs.)

The Grandson Paradox

You probably heard about the Grandfather Paradox, which sparked my idea of the Grandson Paradox.
In short, the Grandfather Paradox suggests this never-ending loop:
1. You travel back in time and kill your grandfather before he meets your grandmother...
2. You will not be born...
3. You will not travel back in time...
4. You will not kill your grandfather...
5. You will be born
6. Go back to step 1.

The Grandson paradox which I thought of about ten years ago suggests this experiment:
1. Go to your back yard
2. Bury a note that says: "This is for the descended of "your name" that will encounter a time machine." Please come back to the date "date of note burial" and show yourself.
3. Swear to yourself that you will pass the existence and purpose of that note to your kids and their kids.
4. Expect to see a time machine...

What do you think? is it a paradox? or just a philosophical question?

Live press

Future news sites will have an IRC like window that will show the news live as documented by reporters on site.

Drop SAT's

I think that SAT's can be easily replaced by an academic analysis exam.
Each academic field will compile a test that's fitting for its specific needs. It might be a great non biased way of assessing success in school.
Which is the goal of SAT exams.

Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game

For years, books and articles and blogs on productivity have been showing us how to be more productive: crank out the tasks, multi-task, work faster, be organized.

In short, they’ve taught us to be a good part of a corporation that wants more out of us. But that’s old-school productivity, or Productivity 1.0


App store ban list

I'm trying to make up a list of all banned apps from the Apple app store for iPhone and iPod touch.
For 4 reasons:
  1. Help developers predict as early as possible if their app will be banned, since Apple will only consider your app at the final stage and won't give any detailed specifications.
  2. Educate consumers about which functions not to expect from their iPhone any time soon.
  3. Educate competing platforms developers about their advantage over the iPhone.
  4. Make Apple understand that they are doing the same mistake they did with the Mac about 20 years ago (yeah right).

Please help building the list by adding comments. (appname - [link|reason] - (date))
  1. Podcaster - duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes - 2008-Sep-09
  2. NetShare - unknown reason - 2008-Aug-01
  3. Murderdrome - contravening Apple's content guidelines - 2008-Aug-26
  4. MailWrangler - duplicates the functionality of the built-in iPhone application Mail - 2008-Sep-21
  5. Slasher - content could be considered “objectionable” - 2008-Aug-08

  6. more in your comments...